The Charts Browser

AirTrack comes with a built-in charts / approach plates browser allowing you to organise and visualise different kinds of aeronautical charts in a stylish interface.

Charts can be organised in folders called sections. Each section may contain other sections or may contains charts of their own.

Users can browse into any section, select sub-sections or charts, or move up in the browser tree.

Chart Availability

Because we are not a chart provider AirTrack does not come with charts of its own other than a restricted DEMO set made from publicly available AIP sources.

There are numerous chart distributors and multiple levels of charts quality. Even if we wanted to keep an up-to-date database of all publicly available charts as distribuited by each country AIP's, this would reveal itself as an impossible task as we would lack the resources to keep them up-to-date, considering that they are periodically revised.

Bring your own Charts

AirTrack uses the concept of Cloud User Charts instead. By having an Air Account and using the website users are able to upload their own charts to their own private sections. These charts are then made available in AirTrack to those users when they login with their credentials. Charts must be in PDF format.

This allows you to have your own collection of charts and make it available to your devices. These may be from public sources or may be professionally created charts by specialised distributors like JEPPESEN, which you have then legally purchased and own.

Cloud Syncing and Offline Reading

Charts are stored on our servers and are made available for download to AirTrack when there is an Internet connection present.

A SYNC option allows you to pre-download any set of charts from the browser tree to your device locally so that they can be viewed while without Internet connectivity. You may selectively sync the sections you need in order to preserve space and bandwidth.

On the iPad

Since the iPad is big enough to show everything, charts look much better on its wonderful display.

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