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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 / X Release Notes / Limitations

Please read carefully before purchasing AirTrack!

AirTrack was designed to integrate with the X-Plane flight simulator. The FS9 and FS2004 plugins have been developed afterwards by a third party company as an extension to allow it to be connected to these flight simulators.

As consequence of this, please note that not all features are yet available with FS9 and FSX. Some of them might be in the future, but some might not. Please see the list below with the things that work and the things that don't.

What works with FS9/FSX:

- Detecting the plane position, latitude, longitude, heading.
- MFD display of the plane position.
- PFD display of attitude (roll, pitch).
- Speeds reporting (IAS, TAS, GS).
- The Altimeter.
- Some auto pilot state annunciators.
- The MCP and auto-pilot controls.
- Remote joystick of the aircraft (when the AP is disabled).
- Radio frequencies reporting and tuning (NAV, COM, ADF, XPDR)

What does not work with FS9/FSX:

- Creating or updating flight plans from AirTrack.

Note (**): Version 1.3 introduces preliminary flight plan support in that flight routes entered in FS9 or FSX are sent and displayed in AirTrack. In addition to this users can edit the flight plan in AirTrack and make full use of SID and STAR procedures. The only think that doesn't work (yet) is AirTrack updating the flight plan in FS9 or FSX, i.e. any changes you make in AirTrack are local and do not get sent back.

- Certain features such as the MCP / Auto Pilot control and radio tuners might not work with external planes such as Level-D or PMDG. This is because they have their internal datarefs which are different from the default FS ones.

Please be aware of these limitations; we apologise for the inconvenience and will try to overcome them in future plugin versions as soon as possible.

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